Laser cutting of tubes

Laser cutting of tubes and profiles is still an innovative technology that eliminates the need for manual machining such as sawing, hole drilling, milling and boring.

Laser cutting technology reduces the number of operations required, at the same time providing superior precision at high speeds compared to conventional machining methods.

The main advantage we offer is fast and accurate cutting of the hose.

Why you should use our laser pipe cutting service:

  • flexible delivery times
  • consistently high quality workmanship
  • the ability to process large volumes
  • a fully automated CNC process that ensures high precision machining
  • fast processing of complex tubes, reducing production costs

The fibre FT laser cuts tubes and profiles up to:

  • Maximum cutting thickness: 8 mm
  • Maximum pipe length: 6,500 mm
  • Maximum product length: 4,500 mm
  • Maximum diameter of square tube: 120 mm
  • Maximum diameter of round tube: ∅152 mm
  • Minimum cutting diameter of a round tube: ∅12 mm
  • Machine power: 2 kw. 

Specially shaped pipes or open shapes can be cut without any problems.

Maximum material thickness

up to 8 mm

Maximum hose length

up to 6,500 mm

Maximum product length

4,500 mm


Maximum cross-section of a square tube

120 x 120 mm


Maximum diameter of round tube

152 mm


Minimum diameter of round tube

12 mm

Laser power

2 kW