CNC turning

At Razrez, d.o.o., we provide CNC turning services using the renowned Japanese machine provider’s Miyano type BNE-51/SY5 with an automatic FMB feeder for raw materials.

It is generally used for large scale industrial turning with the return spool valve, so that the material is turned in one take, which ensures highly accurate processing on one side with regard to the other side.

The CNC turning center has two spools, two revolver heads and a total of 24 tool stations (the Y-axis main hub can also move in the Y-direction). All the stations have the ability of adding run tools, which makes it possible to turn and mill even the most demanding shapes.


  • Turning a stick material with a bore of up to Φ51mm. 
  • Positioning the C-axis on the main and the auxiliary spool can be made in 0.001 degrees steps.
  • Double spool makes it possible to turn a product on both sides at the same time.

Maximum diameter of the material (bars)

do 51 mm

Positioning along the C axis

0.001 angular degree steps